About  Advocates For Dignity


Advocates For Dignity (AFD) is an advocacy organization that seeks the rule of law, democracy and fundamental human rights and liberties with a special focus on Turkey and its citizens abroad. A country, with eighty million citizens, that is experiencing a dramatic decline in its parliamentary democracy under its autocratic leadership.

AFD is a non-profit organization set up by a group of Turkish speaking Australian citizens, who wanted to make wider Australian community aware, of the victims of Turkey’s unlawful crackdown on its citizens and the cessation of press freedom in Turkey, where 191 journalists have been jailed, and close to 200 media outlets have been terminated by a series of arbitrary decisions taken by the Turkish authorities. It is based in Sydney, Australia, a country that is a strong advocate of freedom of expression.

AFD is committed to being a reference source which provides a broad and accurate perspective on victims of Turkey, monitoring daily developments through the lens of fact-based investigative research, and documenting individual cases of violation of fundamental rights and liberties.

The founders of AFD are professionals of various backgrounds who have been following the tragic deterioration of democracy in Turkey. They have the expertise, human resources, and network around the world to track events in Turkey despite serious challenges and shortfalls to accessing information.

AFD is set to expand its area of interests in the future by adding more countries to the list where Turkish government has or is trying to oppress its own citizens abroad. It hopes to make an impact by naming and shaming those who are responsible for violating the rights of victims, providing a reliable source of information on Turkey, and exposing an increasingly oppressive regime in Turkey.